The Tooling Process begins with a detailed design review and results in a tool that balances the budget, timescale and individual project requirements.


We understand this process can be a new experience for some and MGS Technical Plastics will be here to guide you throughout.

During the manufacture of your tool, the process will be overseen by a skilled project engineer.

The process begins with a detailed design review, where feasibility of the product and tool design are analysed and revised until final approval.

Our highly skilled and experienced tool-making partners, both locally and internationally, build tools to a proven MGS specification and tools are stringently tested for production.

During the tooling manufacture process, we provide continuous communication and project updates so you can rest assured that the project remains on track and in scope.


Our on-site tool room provides support facilities ensuring the care of your valuable asset in accordance with international manufacturing best practices.

The MGS planned maintenance programme, linked to our ERP system, provides reliability and results in every production cycle.

We use approved tooling partners for modifications and engineering changes to ensure your tool has minimal downtime and remains in production, continuing to produce a high-quality output.


MGS Technical Plastics have a proven track record delivering seamless tool transfers for new and existing customers.

We understand the importance of this process and the effect it can have on your production. If you are considering reshoring or upgrading your manufacturing partner, MGS Technical Plastics will deliver with minimal disruption to your business.



Our network of design and manufacturing partners allows us the flexibility to source in line with your unique project requirements. From rapid prototyping to the manufacture of injection mould tooling, our industry knowledge and expertise enables us to build quality products and ensure value is realised.


MGS Technical plastics build quality into the development process in order to ensure we achieve a quality output.

Our bespoke approach to product development ensures a clear and concise project management process for our valued customers.


Our tried and tested process has delivered results for our customers, resulting in long-term manufacturing partnerships being formed.

Operating in this industry, where every minute matters, our ability to anticipate and adapt quickly to project demands is critical to achieving peak performance and overall project success for you.

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A Reputation for Reliability

In recent, anonymous, customer surveys the word that was used the most to describe us was 'reliable'.

We're proud to have longstanding partnerships in a variety of industries that are built on trust, transparency and results. 

From one-off small business orders to global player contracts spanning years, every project receives the required technical input, attention to detail and proactive support. 

Our team work hard to make sure we are the people you can rely on, on a daily basis.

A Pro-active Approach

The culture at MGS Technical Plastics is one of individual accountability and collective success.

A positive, proactive mindset unites us as we strive to improve every single day and never stop learning. 

A Focus on Sustainability

At MGS Technical Plastics, sustainability and responsible manufacturing is integral to who we are and what we do. Whether it's improving processes and recycling practices, advising on the best materials for the job or giving back to our local and global community our team passionately embrace and champion it all.

More and more customers are looking to us to advise them on the best possible choice and our focus is always on both economic and environmental viability.