Products manufactured at MGS Technical Plastics can be distributed throughout the UK and internationally.

Our facility is able to offer storage facilities for delivery, a just-in-time service and have a dedicated distribution partner, plus our own delivery vehicles, ensuring a turnaround that we can deliver.


Our on-site storage facility is purpose-built to support a convenient and efficient solution for customer storage and delivery requirements and processes.

These include supporting Just-In-Time deliveries and Order Requirements.


MGS Technical Plastics can distribute to locations across the world and the UK.

Logistics can be discussed early in the project to provide a logistic solution that fulfils your requirements.

We use trusted distribution partners and our own vehicles to deliver on time and in full. Allowing us to continually provide the great supportive service you expect throughout your project from concept to delivery.



MGS Technical Plastics utilises both logistic partners and our own transport to distribute products to our customers.

We have the capabilities to send both articulated vehicles and smaller loads depending on your requirements, including multiple product shipments and to specific time slots if requested.


Our warehouse has the capacity to store products safely and securely, ready for when needed.

This allows MGS to be able to adapt quickly to changing production needs and provide Just-in-Time deliveries.


We understand that a project’s success is dependent on its ability to react quickly, so we do, every time.

With our ability to remain flexible, we ensure deliveries are on time and delivered in full.


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A Reputation for Reliability

In recent, anonymous, customer surveys the word that was used the most to describe us was 'reliable'.

We're proud to have longstanding partnerships in a variety of industries that are built on trust, transparency and results. 

From one-off small business orders to global player contracts spanning years, every project receives the required technical input, attention to detail and proactive support. 

Our team work hard to make sure we are the people you can rely on, on a daily basis.

A Pro-active Approach

The culture at MGS Technical Plastics is one of individual accountability and collective success.

A positive, proactive mindset unites us as we strive to improve every single day and never stop learning. 

A Focus on Sustainability

At MGS Technical Plastics, sustainability and responsible manufacturing is integral to who we are and what we do. Whether it's improving processes and recycling practices, advising on the best materials for the job or giving back to our local and global community our team passionately embrace and champion it all.

More and more customers are looking to us to advise them on the best possible choice and our focus is always on both economic and environmental viability.