Our facility houses modern, efficient fully automated machines ranging from 35 tonnes to 900 tonnes, producing parts over a 24/7 operation, delivered as required and when expected.

Our robust process is continuously refined to bring together the best of modern technology and highly skilled technicians to produce high-quality plastic components precisely how and when you need them.


The MGS Technical Plastics facility houses fully automated injection moulding machines ranging from 35 tonnes to 900 tonnes. We are able to support a wide range of projects and tooling at our facility, and the capability to manufacture anything from the size of a bicycle valve cap to a car door panel.

Our manufacturing process is backed by our Quality Standards: ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.

Producing parts over a 24/5 operation with the flexibility to operate 24/7.

We also provide Insert Moulding and Over Moulding.


Our moulding facility is supervised by Highly Skilled Technicians over a 24/7 period.

All of our technicians are part of a training initiative that ensures that they have the skill, knowledge and experience to process polymers and optimise the injection moulding process.

Robotic-assisted production provides operators with more time to concentrate on guaranteeing the levels of quality that we expect, while the robots in operation enable greater efficiency and repeatability in the process.


Our world-class facility incorporates Industry 4.0 providing transparency and connectivity to our departments, processes, and machinery.

We have integrated our ERP system and the 'Internet of Things' system to create efficient support for our production and processes.

An automatic central feed system delivers the polymer directly into our machines, reducing material contamination and minimising scrap rates.


We service a diverse range of industries worldwide including:

  • Hygiene and Pest Control,
  • Lighting,
  • Safety and Defence,
  • Automotive,
  • Construction,
  • Household & Leisure,
  • Chemical, Oil and Gas,
  • Medical and Healthcare,
  • and Energy and Technology.



Our network of material suppliers allows us the flexibility to source to a specification. From commodity and engineering polymers to those from a renewable source, our composition knowledge and expertise enables us to advise and guide you one the best fit for purpose material.


The MGS Technical Plastics' Quality Management System, governed by ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016, forms the foundation of our manufacturing process.

We understand the importance of quality and keep it at the heart of all that we do, ensuring quality on time and every time.

We are technically led, quality assured.


Operating in this industry, where every minute matters, our ability to anticipate and adapt quickly to project demands is critical to achieving peak performance and overall project success for you.

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A Reputation for Reliability

In recent, anonymous, customer surveys the word that was used the most to describe us was 'reliable'.

We're proud to have longstanding partnerships in a variety of industries that are built on trust, transparency and results. 

From one-off small business orders to global player contracts spanning years, every project receives the required technical input, attention to detail and proactive support. 

Our team work hard to make sure we are the people you can rely on, on a daily basis.

A Pro-active Approach

The culture at MGS Technical Plastics is one of individual accountability and collective success.

A positive, proactive mindset unites us as we strive to improve every single day and never stop learning. 

A Focus on Sustainability

At MGS Technical Plastics, sustainability and responsible manufacturing is integral to who we are and what we do. Whether it's improving processes and recycling practices, advising on the best materials for the job or giving back to our local and global community our team passionately embrace and champion it all.

More and more customers are looking to us to advise them on the best possible choice and our focus is always on both economic and environmental viability.